Brooklyn A-Z Guide To Towing Your Car

Brooklyn A-Z Guide To Towing Your Car

When it comes to your cars, problems may arise at any moment. If you ever find yourself in such a certain scenario where your car breaks down, may it be while you’re driving on the road; or when you try to start your car but it doesn’t start, you will need to call a tow truck to come and help take your car to the garage. This is the guide to help you with that process.

The process of getting your vehicle for repair may sound like a tedious task but thanks to Crown Heights Towing, the process has become simple. An unexpected breakdown can make people unhappy as you have the burden of getting your car to the mechanic. Now, you have a professional towing company, Crown Heights Towing, which provides you with hassle-free towing to your mechanic. Then you can fix your car and get back on the road. From New Jersey Metro area to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens areas, Crown Heights towing is available for providing quality towing and emergency roadside assistance in any scenario. 

When Do You Need A Tow

Most often there are clear indications when you need a tow. Your car doesn’t start or it breaks down while you’re driving and you need to pull over and wait for roadside assistance. Many other cases are when you are in an accident or your tire becomes flat. In certain scenarios, things are unavoidable. Such as accidents and flat tires. If you are careful, you may be able to pick up the telltale signs which indicate that you should go to the mechanic sooner. This will make sure you don’t need towing in the first place. 

Choosing A Towing Company

Choosing a towing company seems simple. Just google the closest one to you and be done with it. But, you may be better off choosing the company that is known to give quality service.

First-thing-first, if you have insurance, check with your insurance or roadside assistance program before contacting a towing company. This way, if your policy covers it, you will not be liable to any towing costs. Many insurance companies or roadside assistance programs only work with certain companies but they do have that option available. Check that to avoid unnecessary payments. 

Therefore, choose a company that is on the approved list of your insurance provider. That way, you won’t be responsible for the towing bill. In the unlikely event that your insurance does not cover towing costs or you don’t have insurance, you will want to ask the towing company for an estimate of the costs before they send out a truck to pick up your vehicle. Understand the costs that are associated with the towing and if possible compare it with other towing services. The best team of professionals at Crown Heights Towing provides you with a 24/7 service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and  Queens.

The credentials of the towing companies should always be verified. Most of the reputable ones are verified and insured. Their specialists are properly trained and certified. Nowadays, online reviews also help verify the authenticity of the companies.

Make The Call And Prepare Your Vehicle 

After making the call, getting the details about the cost(insurance or paid), and the estimated time of arrival from the towing company of your choice, you will want to prepare your vehicle for the tow. There will be some time before the truck arrives during which you should try to follow these important steps.

Remove Valuables: The towing companies make it clear that they are not responsible for any of the personal items present inside of the vehicle. Therefore, remove the items that you deem valuable from the vehicle before it is towed. This will ensure nothing gets damaged or goes missing during transport or while your vehicle is at your mechanic.  

Photograph Your Vehicle and Note down Damages: It’s best to take some time to photograph your vehicle before it is towed. In an accident, the photos are helpful for insurance as well as a lawyer, if a situation does go that far. The photos are also helpful to note any damage or scratches caused while loading, transporting, and/or unloading your vehicle. 

Check the Windows and Doors: This seemingly unimportant task ensures that dust, debris, and rain doesn’t destroy the interior of your car. Ensure all windows and doors are closed completely. Closing all windows and doors will also deter from theft in case you forget the first step as it will be harder to access the inside of your car. Besides, there may be some valuables you may not be able to remove from the car.

The Tow Truck Arrives

Complete Necessary Paperwork: First thing you must do as the towing specialist arrives is to go through the paperwork. Understand the terms and conditions, and be prepared to sign paperwork for identification and liability purposes as well as any service agreements the towing company requires. 

Verify Details of the Tow: Verify the details of the tow. This includes the customer the driver was supposed to pick you(is the person really you), the terms of the paperwork, and the location of the mechanic the tow truck is supposed to drop the car off at. If all of the details are in order, you will avoid a lot of additional costs and headaches. 

Have a Ride: Some may want to drive down to the mechanic with the car or some would prefer to go back home. If you prefer to go back home, contact a friend, family member, taxi service, or rideshare service (like Uber or Lyft)  to pick you up after you leave all the towing to the company. 

The Simple way to Get to a Mechanic

If you have been following the tips from this towing guide, towing your car to the mechanic shall be done without any bumps on the road. We hope these simple tips will prepare you for not only a tow but also help you with protecting your vehicle during the transport. The main purpose of this guide was to reduce any confusion pertaining to the towing process.

As a towing company, it is our job to ensure your vehicle safely and provide efficient transport to its destination. We at Crown Heights Towing believe in doing our best to provide our customers with the best service possible. 

Contact Crown Heights Towing

Whenever you need to tow your car to your mechanic or just need a tow for any reason, contact Crown Heights Towing. We provide one of the fastest, most reliable towing service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and  Queens. Our team of professionals are always here to provide you with great service.